What is a Seawalker ?

The Seawalker Diving Helmet System and Equipment is designed for non-swimmers and to be accompanying you into the undersea another world by Exclusive Instructors.

You can be surprised at our product of Seawalker being available for anyone, even children from 10 years old to the old aged around 80 years old covered with world wide- raged customer’s possibility, besides they came to produce it as result of top priority to unfamiliar non- swimmers in comparison with potential experienced diving

For availability of Seawalker experience, you can take it much easier especially in comparison with Scuba diving:

1 .Not be necessary for a special training or license

2. Just put on Seawalker Diving Helmet over head. That’s all.

3. Never get wet inside of Helmet, even on glasses, keeping on dry hair

4. Much easier to equalize your ears due to normal conditions in fresh air

5. You can enjoy with many fishes and corals in marvelous undersea world.

Seawalker Equipment and System:

The Seawalker was granted for International Patent covered in all of main resort countries in the world, and secured for the product in Product Liability Insurance over l0 years and was proved it without any accident and damage through the past year.
There are three different categories in Seawalker System:

1. Seawalker diving Helmets and Air Supply Regulator System and

2. Air compressor and Scuba Tanks for emergency usage

3. Exclusive ladder and the Platform


Seawalker units

The Feature of Seawalker Diving Helmet Equipment:

1. Exclusive Seawalker Diving Helmet ( 7 pieces )

2. Air hoses ( 7 hoses )

3. Air Supply Regulator System( Purification ,Standard Air Distribution )

4. Exclusive Helmet Supporters( 2 pieces )

5. Guide bar to be used underwater

6. Aqua-Note to be used underwater for communication

Excluded items as of Seawalker Equipment set:

1. Air compressor

2. Scuba-tanks for emergency usage

3. Ladder and Platform, Boat or Pontoon


→→ →→
1.Simple Orientation ( 5 to 10 minutes ) on board of pontoon or boat

2.Guest, Wait after climbing down to the same level of their shoulder as undersea and being ready for Helmet putting on
3.Climbing down slowly along with ladder over supporting by Instructor

Outline of Operation procedure of Seawalker


4.Marvelous undersea” Seawalking “ for 20 to 30 minutes
5.Climbing up along with ladder and Take-off Helmet ( Completion ) with a full satisfaction